Secretarial Support

Secretarial Support

There are times your business may need all the benefits of a virtual assistant for business and secretarial support, without the cost of employing somebody. As a business owner you are only too aware of the amount of personal time and commitment your business takes up.

Very often it can be a juggling act that involves trying to grow and nurture your business, whilst always keeping on top of the administration and paperwork. If you need to focus more time on growing your business without distractions, then a virtual assistant could help you reclaim the valuable time you need in your day.

The services can be tailored to your requirements – from one-off temporary projects to on-going regular personal assistance, business, IT secretarial and marketing support. We offer a comprehensive range of professional services, which can be supplied at the best value for money for high quality of work!

You use us the service when you need to, we offer a totally flexible service to fit in with what you need. We understand that your workload can increase and decrease, therefore we have designed our pricing, so you will never have to pay for more hours than you need.

Financial Benefits

  • No liability to you for tax, national insurance, pension, holiday or sick pay
  • No additional training or equipment to buy or office space to find
  • No expense of hiring and recruiting new or temporary staff
  • You only pay for the support you use – nothing else offers this flexibility

Working Benefits

  • 24/7 flexibility
  • You can offload your work in a way that suits you
  • Multiple skilled team on-hand whenever you need them
  • We build a lasting relationship built on trust and you have peace of mind that deadlines will be met
  • We guarantee an excellent service and you need to look no further than Business Support Angels for your next requirement
  • You can concentrate on what you do best, building your business!