Company Formations

Company Formations

In an environment of increasing corporate compliance and regulation, we can provide company support services, including:

  • The provision of a registered office address facility.
  • The provision of a named company secretary.
  • Compliance with all aspects of company law and filing requirements, including but not limited to, convening and attending meetings, preparing minutes, assistance with the declaration of dividends, maintenance of statutory books; the issuance and transfer of shares, changes in officers/directors, share reorganisation, capital reductions, company restoration and more complex restructures.

So what exactly do you need to know about setting up a new company?

We are experts in this process, so if you feel that you do not have quite all the information required prior to you setting up; then contact our team today to enable us to fill in the blanks for you.

But what is involved exactly when you hear the term, ‘setting up a company?

Simply put, we will manage and take care of the process to set your company up with Companies House. All we require from you are details about you and your company inputted into an application form.

Once this has been submitted; you can sit back, relax and await your company being up within 48 hours. Your company will then be registered with the correct government bodies.

Away you go!

Time is precious – you want to make the best use of it and just get on with running your business. Statutory obligations call on you, however, to comply with the Companies Act and meet specific deadlines. At Business Support Angels, we have developed a company secretarial service to free up your valuable time. By taking over routine statutory tasks, we can give you assurance that you are complying with your obligations – both accurately and on time.

We can offer assistance on

  • Company formations
  • Filing statutory documents
  • Information resources
  • Regulatory services